6 May 2008






I make wishes now and again. Really not sure why as donít think one has ever come true or been fulfilled. Sort of a waste of neural energy or so it would seem.


Mostly I wish for someone to do something in relation to me. Like I wish they would call me or come back or, or, or. Donít wish for events or objects all that much.


Donít remember wishing as a kid, really donít. Donít know why I did not as a kid but do now. You would think I would know better, being my advanced age and all.


The therapist I had once upon a time said that others could not read my mind and fulfill my wishes if I did not actually tell them what I wanted or needed. Know he was or is right but have this terrible block about telling others certain things. Just want for them to do such and such on their own. Of their own mind, will. Of course, does not stop me from wishing.


Wonder if everyone wishes? Wonder if anyoneís wish ever comes true?


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