“VMI: The Walls”

(End of First Day of “Rat” Year, 1964)

21 May 2003



I have made it to “taps”.

I have seen,

out of the corners of my eyes,


who did not.

VMI Barracks.  

   I can not sleep.

   A day of too much

   and a day of too little.


   Too hot to sleep.

   Too tired to sleep.


I wonder, “Is this for me?”

“Do I want this?”

“Can I do this?”


Eyes closed.

Eyes open.


Directly over Jackson’s Arch,

I stare out at the parade field.

The cannons.

The statue.


All is quiet now.



I must sleep.


I turn towards the wall

and find it




I feel how old it is and

how many,


have been here before me.


The walls do not insult,

do not command.

They seem to accept me

and the heat of my body.


Strong old walls.

I like them.

I will be like them.

Strong and cool.


I drift off to sleep.


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