Aging - Sexual Death


7 May 2008






In a few months, I will be a 62 year old male.


For the past 2 years I have been struggling with and fighting, the death of my sexual life.


Like a lot of “things” in life, no one ever told me that I would have to face my sexual death.


Sure, I have known people, older folks, that had to stop driving a car because of their eyesight or for some other reason but not once did any one of those people ever tell me about sexual death.


Don’t know all the attributes that make up the core definition of a person, but for me, sex or sexuality was always a very strong base element. Perhaps it is for all men, don’t know.


Wonder if some men have affairs as a rebellion to the impending death of their sexual life? Wonder if the death of my sexual life is directly tied to the sexual death of my wife? Want to blame it on her but that is only partly true.


Sexual? Perhaps intimate is a better word. Miss very intimate moments that I have only every gotten when so totally engaged in sex, love making.


In the end, if my wife does not complain, why should I? Certainly my hormones have backed off considerably since I was young and in a way that now allows me to have better conversations with women as my sexuality does not get in the way of the dialogue. Still, when one loses something so precious, it is hard (no pun intended) to accept.





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