"Aging - There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe"



Old. Old and alone.

Across the street from the home I live in is this "old" lady. She lives alone.

Now she is physically and mentally in excellent health, riding her bicycle each day, entertaining friends, getting out BUT it is clear to me that she is absolutely terrified of dying alone. She simply can not stand to be alone. If someone is not at her house, she goes to the house of another or calls someone on the phone.

Dying alone.

Remember this friend when I was in the army stationed in Korea saying one night, "Wonder what my very last visual image will be before I wink out?" Expanding on this, will I have a hand to hold, kind words, friends or love ones or will I simply be alone.

I do not judge the old lady who lives in a shoe. Although I wonder if it more of a woman thing than a man's? Old man just staggers off into the woods and lays down.


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