Aging. A Man. Sitting Down to Pee.


21 January 2009

19 January 2010






Strange title, I know.


Old, well older than me, gentlemen up the street asked me one day, in the middle of a conversation about grass fertilizer, if I sat down on the toilet to pee first thing in the morning? Taken back by the question, I did not say anything but that did not stop him and he then proceeded right on to tell me that he did, each and every morning. OK, I thought. Another one of those things he tells me I not all that bothered about knowing.




Couple of days later, completely absorbed in some work project, what he said about sitting down to pee came to mind and then the whole thing about toilet seat up and toilet seat down and it occurred to me, why do I stand up to pee when I could easy sit down? I mean no more touching toilet seat and really not much difference between unzipping or just sliding down pants and then tucking back in shirt or reaffixing belt. For sure, when outdoors or at public facilities with urinals, the old stand up and pee routine but at home? Why not just sit down and pee? And so now I do.


Perhaps some men don’t do the sit down thing at home as it somehow diminishes their masculinity or something but in the privacy of your own home and who is going to know? And as we age and become a little unsteady on our feet, why not just sit down as opposed to making a mess on the floor or even falling?


Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things I know but still…..



19 January 2010...... Been a year of sitting down to pee and guess what? I have learned that I can not empty my bladder as easily sitting down as standing. What? Yep, it is true. If I want to make it through the night without having to get up to pee, got to empty my bladder at bedtime.


More info that you wanted but.....