Aging - Creepy Old Guy.


30 January 2009





So ok, I admit it. I find the female form very beautiful. And I admit it that I, like Jimmy Carter, have lust in my heart from time to time but what is it about your culture, society, that given above, makes me either a “creepy old guy” or “dirty old man?”


Thinking about it, I do understand that at some primitive level, a young woman would have no interest in an old guy as he perhaps could not do his thing to produce children or perhaps hang around long enough to support the lady, but “creepy?” Why went an older man, hits, flirts with, a younger woman that makes him “creepy?”


Perhaps I missed that day in school where “creepy old guy” was defined and everyone laughed and said “Gross.”


Also understand that, unlike young men, I don’t have their body anymore or even all my hair or even sexual stamina but on the other hand, I would think I have some common sense and attempt to actually listen to what a woman has to say. Can’t imagine that listening makes me creepy.


Oh, let’s get it straight, I have never been called “creepy old guy” to my face or anything, just aware it is a common term, young women use.


Like the other day. Standing in a line for a clerk and line does not move and time goes by and so I pick up a magazine and begin to read it or at least look at the pictures. One picture on the back cover is of this young actress but I really not sure which one. So, I look up from the magazine and behind me in line are 2 college age girls, women and without a thought, I speak to both wondering if they can confirm who I think this actress is on the magazine cover. Well they do speak but can tell no interest at all in continuing conversation and in face, appalled I should have ever spoken to them! Sure, bet you, they did the “OMG. That guy was so creepy” thing when they got outside in their car.


Could it be that young women consider ever advance, a hit on them? Like want to go to bed honey? “Hey, you dropped your purse.” “OMG, creepy old guy.”


AND, what if I was lusting? Why does my age or appearance make me “creepy?” “Creepy?” “Creep.” Not a nice connotation word. Creeps me out to be thought of “creepy.”


Since I 62, automatically “creepy” or have to look a certain way?


Been told that women sometimes can “fell” a man undress her with his eyes. Not being a women, have never experienced this myself and do not know if it is true or possible but do understand that if this happens, the resulting feeling is depending on the physical appearance of the man doing the undressing.


Just, well, crap. Since I have lived long enough, automatically a “creepy old guy?” Just does not seem right. Sort of shallow to brand me because of my age.


Ain’t there one young woman in the whole world that would like to bed down with an “older”, “wise”, “caring”, “RICH”, gentleman??





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