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"Marble Flooring in the Bathroom? Don't!"

17 June 2012


Summary: marble flooring in the bathroom might be your idea of opulence but it is dangerous.




Whole house renovation.

Not sure whose idea it was but put marble flooring in foyer and master bathroom.


Problems with marble flooring in a bathroom:

- It is cold, always cold, winter or summer. Remember in the bathroom you walk around in bare feet. If you must use marble flooring, at least install an electric heating system under it.

- Slippery. It is slippery when wet and in a bathroom it is going to get wet.

- Rugs. Ok, get around slippery with rugs. Well, some rugs will hold fast to marble when they get wet on the underside and some will not and until you try it, you can not tell by looking at a rug.



So if marble flooring is: cold, slippery and has to be rug covered, why even install it??


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