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"Sakrete Blacktop Patch - User Review"

22 January 2013


Summary: requires lots and lots of tamping and a 10 pound tamp will not do, must use hammer, sledge hammer and then perhaps tamp.




Significant asphalt driveway repairs to be done.

Repairs: cracks to be repaired and addition to width of driveway via new asphalt.

Sakrete Blacktop Patch readily available at Home Depot close to me.



60 pound bags will be a bit much for some to lift, move about. I had loaded for me at Home Depot to save half of required lifting.

Requires a lot of tamping.

To properly tamp, I added 2 inches or so and used a 3 pound hammer (broad end) to begin tamp process.

After 3 pound hammer, I used sledge hammer head (not swinging sledge hammer, just using head like a hand hammer).

Finally, a dirt-type 1foot square tamp.

Don't care how much you tamp, this stuff will always tamp down more.

If properly tamped, one bag really does not go very far, so be prepared to buy more as your repairs progress.

Absolutely requires gloves, clothes than can get really dirty and a heavy duty scoop (I have a hand scoop that was intended for digging around plants).

GoJo is great hand cleaner to use to get any asphalt off your hands.



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