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"Super Digital Video Dazzle Series, AKA, TVR PCI TV Tuner Card"

4 November 2009

Updated: 9 June 2011

Updated: 25 June 2011


Summary: surprising to me how many website hits this write-up gets. Must be a lot of these cards floating around. Appears to be well made card but hardware manufacturer is unknown, not defined on card and although software bundled with it, comes from a real company, they do not support this card. Although I eventually got it to work under Windows XP, had problems with XP freezing and blamed card. So, warning: might work for you and might not but no software support.





Bought Super Digital Video Dazzle card off of eBay. $10USD and some shipping costs.

When it arrived, card appeared to be well made but no defined manufacturer on card itself or serial number or anything.

Came with Honestech driver and tuner application CD.

Platform for install was dual core, Intel motherboard running Windows XP professional with all Microsoft website updates.

Super Digital Video Dazzle Series

Super Digital Video Dazzle Series

Super Digital Video Dazzle Series


Personal experiences:

Had trouble installing driver and tuner application software but eventually got installed.

Appeared to work but then personal computer began to freeze with reboot required to get XP going again.

Decided, perhaps, I needed a driver or tuner update, so Internet search on Honestech and found a website.

But, could not find any update defined for Super Dazzle board.

Well guess what, Honestech says their software probably bundled with some board and I needed to contact board manufacturer to get any software update. BUT, no idea who made this board so no where to go.

Oh, did try to run TV tuner software I found on various blogs or driver download sites but nothing worked.

SO, just pulled this card out of my system and junked it.

Really too bad as it appears to be a well made card but just does not work for me.

Finally, this card is still being sold on eBay at an attractive price.

Perhaps it will work for you and perhaps not but do not expect to be able to find driver and tuner software updates.


Update 25 June 2011:

Apparently, not only are there a lot of these cards around but there are also cards with no software disk!. Unfortunately when I trashed the card, I also trashed the software disk and so can not provide software to those with only a card. Software must be around somewhere, I guess.


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