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Summary: each router manufacturer has a unique default IP address for their router. If you change from one manufacturer to another, going to have to deal with default IP change.



Background (different default IP addresses):

Had a Linksys router but needed a new, faster, router. After research, bought a Dlink.

Default IP address for Linksys router was

Hooked up Dlink and could not log into it using

(You login a router by typing the router's default IP address in the URL box of your Web browser.)

Discovered by reading that default IP address for Dlink router is

So, check your routers's user manual and find the default IP address.


With default router IP address, still problems:

Ok, with correct IP address of Dlink router,tried to login to router but could not.

Zonealarm. I use the Zonealarm firewall application. It set to old IP address of  old Linksys

Shutdown Zonealarm and tried to logon to Dlink router using but could not.

Remembered that because I have a UPS, the computer I was trying to logon to the Dlink router with has a fixed IP address of

Changed IP address of computer using to logon to Dlink to and immediately logged onto Dlink.


Point being, if you still can not login to your new router, review all your main computer TCP/IP settings to include the IP address of the computer. May need to restart your computer after new router install.


Best approach for multiple computers:

If you have multiple computers in a home network and none of them as a fixed IP address, a simple shutdown of the PC and a restart should have your new router automatically assign a new IP address.

However in my case, I have a UPS that supports 3 PC's and to be able to communicate a "shutdown" command, each supported computer must have a fixed IP address.

Additionally, I have 2 Tivo's and 2 Slingboxes (fixed IP required for proper Port opening), all with fixed IP addresses.

Not wanting to change the fixed IP address of every device I had, I decided to change the default IP address of the router.

I did this by logging on to my router and then finding under "Basic" router settings and then Router IP address.

Once I changed the default router setting, I saved forcing a router reboot.

Now so I could use my main computer, I changed its fixed address to correlate to the new router IP address

Finally, I went into Zonealarm and change the IP Range, etc to work with new router.

If you going to change the default IP address of your router, may be in different place than I found mine but under some tab or router section, you should find router IP address.



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