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"Maytag CWE900 Wall Oven - Temperature Sensor Replacement"



If your Maytag CWE900 wall oven is reporting a bad temperature sensor or your oven is not heating accurately (Beyond front panel adjust procedure defined), a replacement temperature sensor is easy to find and as it only costs about $40, it is perhaps worth a shot to replace this before trashing the entire oven. Replacement is not difficult but does require removal of the oven from the wall. If your oven is located high up on the wall, the procedure defined below may not work for you or you will need 2 people to take down the oven.




 To replace the oven temperature sensor on the Maytag CWE900 wall oven:

(1) Turn off power breaker to the oven. As oven is 240 volts, it should have a double breaker associated with it in your breaker box. Once you have turned the breaker off, check that the oven is really off by seeing if the clock is functioning or not. Do not proceed until the oven is disconnected from power.

(2) Remove oven door. (See section for how to do this.)



(3) Find and remove screws on sides of  oven holding oven to cabinet.



(4) With all cabinet screws removed, grab the door latches at the bottom of the oven and pull the oven straight out.

(5) Continue to pull the oven out of the cabinet until you can see behind it and how it is connected to 240volts. If it has a power cord, reach in behind and unplug this so you can continue to pull the oven out of the wall.

(6) Pull oven all the way out of the cabinet.


(7) Go to the back of the oven and on the left back side, remove the screws holding the black metal cover running from top to bottom. The temperature sensor is attached to the back wall of the oven with 2 screws but the actual sensor cable that goes to the control panel, goes through a hole in the oven back wall, in behind a cover plate on the back, where it is attached to a cable running along the top of the oven to the oven control panel. To get to the sensor connection, you must remove the black cover plate.



(8) Once the cover plate has been removed, unplug the temperature sensor from the cable running up and on top of the oven. Then move oven around so that you can reach inside oven and unscrew old temperature sensor and remove it. Insert wire of new temperature sensor into hole in back of oven and mount sensor to back oven wall. Now connect temperature sensor wire to oven cable and replace back, black, cover.

(9) Move oven back against cabinet and plug it back into the electrical source. Then lift oven back into place, slide it all the way back into the cabinet and secure with screws you removed during disassembly. Replace oven door.


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