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"Maytag CWE900 Wall Oven - Oven Temperature Adjustment"



If the Maytag CWE900 is not heating correctly, either over heating or under, the oven does have a limited sort of front panel temperature adjustment procedure you can try.


Test oven:

(1) Place an oven thermometer inside the CWE900 in the center of the center rack. Would be best to use a more expensive thermometer vs a cheap one as the idea is to have a semi-accurate oven reading.

(2) Press "Bake" on CWE900 control panel.

(3) Select a temperature of 550.

(4) Let the oven heat up until it says that it has reached 550 and then let it bake for another 10 minutes.

(5) Open oven door and read temperature on the thermometer placed inside the oven. If the thermometer inside the oven is only + or - 35 degrees of 550 degrees, you can use the CWE900 front panel adjustment procedure to correct this minor thermostat error. If the difference between the CWE900 front panel LCD display and the thermometer you placed inside the oven is more than 35 degrees and the front panel display has not ever read the code for temperature sensor error, the control panel is most likely bad and you will either have to have it repaired (no longer available as a new item from any source) or trash the whole oven.


Temperature Adjustment Procedure:

(1) With oven completely turned off,  press "Bake" on CWE900 control panel.

(2) Select a temperature of 550.

(3) Quickly (within 5 seconds of setting 550) press and hold the "Bake" button approximately 5-15 seconds until "00" or the previously entered temperature adjustment is displayed. (Note pressing longer than 15 seconds may result in the display showing either an F0, F1 or F7 error.)

(5) Press the UP/DOWN arrow button or turn the set knob to change the oven temperature in 5 degree increments to a maximum of +/- 35 degrees.

(6) Press the "Clear" or "Off" button to return to normal operation.


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