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"Maytag CWE900 Wall Oven - Getting to Replaceable Parts"



Other than the oven's 2 electric heating elements and temperature sensor, all other replaceable parts require that you the oven's top cover.

(1) Make sure oven power is cut off. With the power removed from the oven, there is nothing dangerous about the oven, meaning there are no charged capacitors or other electrical elements that can zap you even with main power removed.

(2) Remove oven door.

(3) Remove oven from cabinet.

(4) Remove screws holding top cover in place and tilt back (several wires go through this cover or connect to the small fan attached to the cover, so you can not simply lift it away.)

(5) With top cover out of the way, you will be able to get to door assembly latch, the high and low temperature cut-off switches and oven clock\control panel\LCD display assembly.



(6) If you want to pull the clock assembly out, you will need to unscrew some cosmetic metal on the front of the oven such that you are left with the buttons on the control panel sticking through the black glass panel. The clock assembly can not be removed until you remove the buttons. You do this by placing pliers on the shaft of each button and pulling hard straight back. Once all buttons have been removed (replacement buttons if you break one are available), remove the glass and then the screws holding the clock assembly to the sheet metal of the front of the oven. At this point, make a pencil diagram or other of how wires attach to the clock assembly. There are not that many wires but as it could take a week or more before you get your repaired clock assembly back from a repair company, it would be easy to forget how the wires are attached. With your diagram made and in a safe place, remove the clock assembly.



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