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"Maytag CWE900 Wall Oven - Clock-Relay Board Replacement"



The Maytag CWE900 wall oven "clock." The part referred to in the Maytag CWE900 wall oven wiring schematic and all CWE900 parts diagrams is actually the front panel LCD display, oven control panel and the relay board that supplies power to heating elements.

This part is no longer available (NLA) from any source. First time I have ever run into the condition that a part was NLA. If your "clock" is bad and you want to repair the CWE900, your only choice is to remove the clock and send it off to one of several clock repair companies you can find on the Internet.

The only time I tried a repair service I did not have a good experience and so when my CWE900 clock went bad, I replaced the entire oven. Did not like having to replace the entire item but seemed to me to be no other choice. Replace clock now and then another defective part and NLA again.

NLA is just totally wrong on a 17 year old appliance. Honestly, I thought there was some kind of Federal law requiring parts to be available for X number of years. Obsolesces sucks.

If you decide you do want to try one of the clock repair services to be found on the Internet, consult my "Maytag CWE900 Getting to Replaceable Parts" section.




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