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Dental Implants - My Experiences


12 September 2005


 Summary: although expensive, if you have the money, ever so much better than bridges, crowns or false teeth.





I recently had 2 dental implants and if you are considering implants but are concerned about potential for pain, do not be. 8 weeks before my implants I had a molar extracted and the pain associated with the extraction was 10 times worse than the pain associated with the implants.


With the implants, my lower jaw was sore maybe 3 or 4 days at the most but that was most likely from shots of Novocain rather than the implants and regular old Motrin was more than sufficient to deaden the pain.


Now I have to wait 3 months before I can get teeth made to fit the implants and can hardly wait. Will be nice having 2 more teeth on my lower left jaw to chew with again. 


Between the cost of a bridge, which I had for many years and all the associated trouble I had with it and the cost of implants, I will never get another bridge. Implants from now on for me.




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